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About VIP Global


Our Focus is You

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Our Focus is You
VIP is a global limousine, mega yachts and private jets management company, with an obsession for quality control. Through bespoke chauffeur and charter management software and industry specific staff, VIP are performing 14 quality control checks on every one of your bookings.

About VIP Global
Initially focusing on ground and air transportation for Investment Banking clients, VIP quickly gained rare insight into our clients’ challenges and frustrations and identified the need to develop a highly trained team, supported by a revolutionary reservation management system. The application of this system ensures VIP consistently surpasses client expectations and provides the service model for VIP Events, VIP Secure and VIP Corporate.

An Obsession with Quality
Combined local attention to detail with global logistics support, VIP is strategically placed to service the most complicated and demanding projects.

Our core values


Be reliable

Provide a service that customers can rely on. Be someone your colleagues can count on. Work only with reliable chauffeurs that we trust. Earn trust and keep it.


Go the extra mile

Look beyond what is required. Be proactive to go beyond guests’ expectations. If you see that something could be better, take the initiative to improve it.


Break new ground

Look for ways to improve. Encourage curiosity. Learn quickly from mistakes and grow from the experience. Aim to be better every day. Seek to create an amazing service, be the industry leader, and exceed guests’ expectations.

Corporate support

Our multilingual, 24/7 support team ensures corporate clients are covered around the clock.



Care about our guests. Care about our crew of chauffeurs and each other. Care about making our product and service exceptional. Care about our community and how we give back.


Act with integrity

Act in a fair and honest manner. Strive to always do the right thing for our guests, chauffeurs, and each other. Treat everyone with the same high level of respect — just as you would like to be treated.

Sustainability initiatives



Electric Class

Choose our new Electric Class to book chauffeured rides in top-tier electric vehicles like the Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model X.


The new normal

Electric vehicles are also incorporated into our Business Class and First Class in many cities. We want 15% of our rides to be electric by the end of 2028.


100% carbon offset

Whichever vehicle class you choose, we automatically offset the emissions with our carbon offset program.

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