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Huan Yu VIP Terminal Airport Fast Track Service

寰宇商務中心 VIP禮遇通關 01_edited.jpg

Experience our Airport Fast Track Service for Departure

寰宇商務中心 VIP禮遇通關 04_edited.jpg


Arrive at Huan Yu VIP Terminal

Exclusive VIP Reception

Check-in to the Airline / Luggage Check-in Assistance

Expedited Security Clearance

Relaxing, shopping, eating and enjoying at Huan Yu VIP Terminal

Private Pick-up Service to your Boarding Gate



00 寰宇商務中心 貴賓抵達 出境_edited.jpg
01 寰宇商務中心 一對一專屬禮賓接待 出境_edited.jpg
02 寰宇商務中心 禮遇通關 出境_edited.jpg
03 寰宇商務中心 餐飲等尊榮服務 出境_edited.jpg
04 寰宇商務中心 購物 出境_edited.jpg
05 寰宇商務中心 購物 出境_edited.jpg
06 寰宇商務中心 購物 出境_edited.jpg
07 寰宇商務中心 貴賓專屬接送至登機口服務 出境_edited.jpg

Experience our Airport Fast Track Service for Arrival

寰宇商務中心 VIP禮遇通關 02_edited.jpg


Be Greeted Upon Arrival

Private Pick-up Service to Huan Yu VIP Terminal

Relaxing, shopping, eating and enjoying at Huan Yu VIP Terminal

Assistance with Luggage Retrieval

Immigration & Customs Clearance

Leaving from the Airport

08 寰宇商務中心 入境機門迎賓服務 入境_edited.jpg
09 寰宇商務中心 貴賓專屬接送至商務中心 入境_edited.jpg
10 寰宇商務中心 餐飲等尊榮服務 入境_edited.jpg
11 寰宇商務中心 餐飲等尊榮服務 入境_edited.jpg
11 寰宇商務中心 禮遇通關 入境_edited.jpg
12 寰宇商務中心 禮遇通關 入境_edited.jpg
13 寰宇商務中心 歡送迎賓 入境_edited.jpg
14 寰宇商務中心 歡送迎賓 入境_edited.jpg

Experience our corporate benefits


Competitive pricing

Access premium service at distance-based prices that are fair to you and our chauffeurs.​


Easy booking

Easy booking, with instant confirmation and transparent pricing.​


Global availability

Our worldwide chauffeur service guarantees prompt and reliable travel.​

Corporate support

Our multilingual, 24/7 support team ensures corporate clients are covered around the clock.


Priority dispatching

Streamline your experience with priority bookings and real-time tracking.​


Electric vehicle option

We proudly offer an array of EVs in select cities, and ensure our carbon footprint is offset!​

Sustainability initiatives



Electric Class

Choose our new Electric Class to book chauffeured rides in top-tier electric vehicles like the Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model X.


The new normal

Electric vehicles are also incorporated into our Business Class and First Class in many cities. We want 15% of our rides to be electric by the end of 2028.


100% carbon offset

Whichever vehicle class you choose, we automatically offset the emissions with our carbon offset program.

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