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Proudly No.1 Executive Protection Solution in Taiwan

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Our Rates

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30,000 NTD / Day

Duration 10 hours



600,000 NTD / Month

Duration 3 months



450,000 NTD / Month

Duration 1 year

Tailor Made Your Executive Protection Services

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Surveillance Services

Our cross-sectoral perspective comprehends anti-surveillance to preserve our close protection ops from being monitored by anyone else. Counter surveillance teams gather more details about potential threats preemptively in response to surveillance detections, while our intelligence solutions apply technical surveillance countermeasures to uncover wiretapping and hidden cameras.


Secure Transportation

We offer a full scope of features bolstering executive protection transport, which includes executive protection drivers, soft-skinned and armored vehicles, armed vehicle transportation, incident response teams, and transport support services. Our driver security guarantees safe, timely, and comfortable transportation and is best suited for VIP clients, private families, and corporations.

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Residential Security

Our home security services feature residential security agents who are highly trained in access control security and residential security systems. In addition, they possess expertise in executive personal protection, tactical shooting, and emergency medicine, which sets them apart from traditional security guard services. Our high end private security not only defends your mansion from burglary but also ensures your overall well-being and privacy.


Travel Security Services

As an integral component of our end-to-end security solutions, we offer the option to hire a bodyguard for travel. Our protection service specializes in business travel security, safeguarding personnel operating in hostile environments across the globe. We provide an all-embracing travel security management package, including 24/7 critical support, traveler tracking, intelligence services, and crisis intervention.

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Corporate Security

VIP Global is dedicated to assisting organizations in their corporate risk management endeavors by providing them with exceptional security bodyguards to look after corporate VIPs. Our close protection company has extensive experience working with tech moguls and other prominent figures featured on the Forbes list. Furthermore, we offer embedded executive protection managers for multinational corporations to oversee and manage corporate protection.


Female Bodyguard

Our first-rate executive protection program features female EP protection agents equipped with state-of-the-art executive protection gear. This program is specifically designed for Principals who require female bodyguards for hire due to cultural or personal reasons. You can be confident that our female executive protection officers are handpicked for their vast experience in the field, and have undergone extensive female bodyguard training.

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Private Armed Security

Our private security bodyguards offer armed security services vital to VIPs facing heightened threats. This high-risk executive protection contains a specially trained personal security detail capable of handling any situation. Besides, we employ a multi-sectoral strategy that effectively minimizes all risks by engaging counter-surveillance and counter-assault teams.


Executive Security Training

VIP Global provides an extensive selection of executive protection training courses designed for both civilians and governments. As a VIP security company, we offer a practical syllabus that focuses on real-life situations. Our close protection training teaches readily applicable and field-tested tactics that meet executive protection agent requirements. We can customize our curriculum to suit your individual needs and provide training at either our facilities or yours.

Proudly No.1 Executive Protection Service in Taiwan

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Simply the best hospitality

Experience the Courtesy and Distinction of the Taiwan's No.1 Bodyguards service.

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All bodyguards have more than 10 years close protection experience

UHNW individuals, goverment officials, celebrities, corporate executives

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All bodyguards are hired from the elite special operations forces in the world.

In addition to elite team, all bodyguards have real world close combat training reguarly.

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Bilingual bodyguards at your service

Taiwan's No1 English language support for foreign VVIPs.

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